Statutory Information

MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) Fund was set up as a society (Registry of Societies) on 23 June 2004. It was registered as a Charity, under the Charities Act on 6 July 2004.

Constitution   : Registry of Societies (ROS)

ROS Number :  ROS 187/2004 WEL

Date of Establishment :  23 June 2004

Charity Status - Charity Registration Number :   1793 , Charity Registration Date :  6 July 2004

Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status : 1 August 2004 to 30 June 2019

UEN Number : T04SS0150L

Registered Address : 1 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, #07-00 Yellow Pages Building, Singapore 319637

A Member of : National Council of Social Service 

Auditor : Nexia TS Public Accounting Corporation

Governance Policies

Board Governance

  1. The Executive Committee / Board (Ex-Co) oversees MILK Fund's affairs. The key matters for the board include:
    1. Approving broad policies, determining strategies and programme objectives of MILK Fund.
    2. The Ex-Co is accountable for the management of donations received.
    3. Approving and monitoring annual budget.
  2. The Board meets at least twice a year and other deliberations/decisions are made via electronic methods.

Ex-Co Composition

  1. The Ex-Co comprises of 4 members, all of whom are independent.
  2. Each member has been appointed on the strength of his/her calibre, experience and potential to contribute.
  3. The Honorary Treasurer may be re-elected to the same post for a consecutive term of office and, not withstanding such consecutive appointments, cannot serve for a continuous period of more than 4 years.


  1. The donations received are used in accordance with MILK's regulations and guidelines, unless stated for specific programmes.
  2. We believe in keeping fund-raising costs to the minimum so that the donations may go directly to the children and the programmes that support them.

Finance & Audit

  1. The finance and audit processes are closely monitored by the Ex-Co for adequacy of internal controls.
  2. Financial statements shall be disclosed to the public and other stakeholders via the Annual Report or the website.

Conflict of Interest & Related Party Transactions

  1. MILK has a conflict of interest or related party transaction disclosure process.
  2. The concerned parties should declare and abstain from voting in any decisions involving related parties or potential conflict of interest.
  3. The Ex-Co must be informed of all related party transactions and disclosure made in the annual report.

Disclosure & Transparency

  1. Annual Reports are prepared which include up-to-date information on MILK's programmes, activities and finances.
  2. Audited Financial Information and the Annual Report are available at MILK's website for donors and other stakeholders.

Programme Objectives & Principles

  1. Vision : No child capable of developing into a contributing member of society will be marginalised because of disability, illness, poverty or social circumstances.
  2. Mission : MILK reaches out to disadvantaged children and youths who fall through the cracks by focusing on : 
    1. advocacy and
    2. fund-raising whilst
    3. working with our VWO partners to implement programmes
  3. Principles :
    1. We believe in working with committed partners to ensure that our programmes are transformational and meet needs that fall through the cracks.
    2. We believe that our programmes must be responsive and compassionate.
    3. We believe in good governance guided by transparency and integrity.

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