Dr Sheryn Mah 


Sheryn is a tireless advocate for the work of MILK. She has served as MILK's President and is one of the three founding members of MILK. She sits on the board of the Compassion Fund and has served as patron of Breadline and Beyond Social Services. A medical doctor, she is married with 4 children. 



Mrs Joy Balakrishnan


Joy is a founding member of MILK and devotes herself to full-time community service. She served as the President of Girl Guides Singapore from 2007 - 2015 and has sat on the boards of Beyond Social Services and Compassion Fund. An educator who is passionate about strengthening family ties, Joy is married and has 4 children.   



Mrs Deborah Ong


 Deborah is a Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.


Ms Janet Lyn

honOrary secretary 

Janet is an Adjunct Lecturer of Temasek Polytechnic. 


Ms Woo Shea Leen

HONORARY treasurer

Shea Leen is a Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Mr Tan Wah Yeow


Wah Yeow is a former Deputy Managing Partner of KPMG Singapore.


Mr Stanley Tan


A founding member of MILK, Stanley has served as the Chairman of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, Chairman of the Singapore Red Cross Humanitarian Network, and in many different capacities with the Methodist Missions Society and Beyond Social Services. Stanley also founded the Hope Fund, which was set up to help children with chronic illnesses.  

He is the Chief Executive Officer of public-listed GYP Properties in Singapore and the Angliss Property Group in Australia. Stanley has 2 daughters.

Mr Lee Lung Nien


Lung is the Chief Executive Officer of Citibank Malaysia. 


Mr Chua Kee Lock


Kee Lock is the Group President and Chief Executive Officer of Vertex Ventures Holdings Ltd. 


Mr Low Seow Juan


Seow Juan is the Chairman of Pinetree Fund Limited.


Mr Douglas Foo


Douglas is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Apex-Pal International Limited.


Mrs Laura Poh



Mr David Lim


David is Chairman of MILK's Fundraising Committee. 


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