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Set up in 2010, MILK Scholarship is aimed at empowering promising young persons who come from low-income households. It ensures that deserving youth are not denied a tertiary education because of financial hardship. We believe that through higher education these disadvantaged youths will realise their fullest potential and break out of their poverty cycle.

Partnerships with 7 Voluntary Welfare Organisations and schools, with whom we work closely, help to provide a holistic approach as well as reduce operational costs.  Our partners are Bethesda Care Services, Care Corner Singapore Ltd, Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre, Lakeside Family Services, SHINE Children and Youth Services, South Central Community Family Service Centre Ltd and TRANs Family Services, Assumption Pathway School and St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School.


Between 2015 and 2017, MILK, in partnership with South Central Community Family Service Centre (SCC FSC), initiated the Keystart Housing Stability and Family Partnership Programme to help low-income families with young children out of poverty. 

It is a comprehensive assistance scheme for low-income families with young children. Beneficiaries are families in public rental flats who will benefit from home ownership and families who are at risk of losing their home due to crisis. The purpose of this programme is to give hope, provide an enabling environment for them to improve their lives and in particular that of their children. The stability of having a home of their own away from the delinquent subculture has been shown to have numerous positive effects on young children who then go on to perform better academically and socially. The programme includes financial assistance, financial literacy coaching and family partners (volunteers from the community) - who seek to befriend, support, motivate and create opportunities that enable financial self-sufficiency and other transformative outcomes. 


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