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Set up in 2010, the MILK Scholarship is aimed at empowering promising young persons who come from low-income households. It ensures that promising and deserving youth are not denied a tertiary education because of financial hardship. We believe that through higher education these disadvantaged youths will realize their fullest potential and break out of their poverty cycle.

In 2014 MILK Education Fund, an extension of the MILK Scholarships was set up in partnership with 7 Voluntary Welfare Organisations to empower these organisations to advocate for the families they serve with children in need of tertiary education. They are Bethesda Care & Counselling Services Centre, Care Corner Singapore Ltd, Lakeside Family Services, South Central Community Family Service Centre Ltd, Students Care Service, TRANs Family Services and Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre.

“The MILK Scholarship has given me the opportunity to receive quality education and to excel in life. I am now able to see further and aim higher! I want to continue challenging and seeking new boundaries."

"I have been helped by MILK but I know one day after graduation, I will be able to help myself, my mother, and
other people in need."



MILK has provided bursaries for the needy students of Assumption Pathway School (APS) since 2010. APS caters to students who have failed the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) once or more than once, as well as students who prematurely leave secondary school. Many students in APS come from low-income or dysfunctional families. This group of students have difficulty paying for school fees, managing cost of transportation to and from school, food during recess, school uniforms, stationeries and school magazine. Without assistance, they are at risk of dropping out of school. 


milk bursary for st anthony's canossian secondary school students 

Since 2012, MILK has partnered St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School (SACSS) to support the St. Magdalene Bursary, which complements the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). This bursary enables needy students to meet school-related expenses, thereby ameliorating the burden of financial hardship. SACSS is a designate school for hearing impaired students. The school also supports students with a range of special needs such as Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and selective-mutism. The bursary covers meal allowances, transport costs and miscellaneous items such as the purchase of resource books, semester collection for enrichment programmes, school magazine subscriptions and cost of printing notes.


family partnership platform 

In 2015, MILK initiated the Family Partnership Platform (FPP) in partnership with South Central Community Family Service Centre ("SCC FSC"). This is a long-term transformational strategy which works with community volunteers to journey with low income families with young children. These 'family partners' befriend, support, motivate and create opportunities that enable financial self-sufficiency, employment and livelihood opportunities. Most importantly, children's education is not compromised.

SCC FSC has continued with their outreach efforts to build a community of family partners. There is ongoing training and tools given to support family partners and social workers in their journeys with needy families. They engage in joint goal setting and co-creation of future plans.


In 2017 MILK co-developed KeyStart Housing Stability Programme with SCC FSC as a form of extended assistance to low income families with young children. Beneficiaries of this programme are families residing at public rental flats who have aspiration to become home-owners; and low income families who have owned a home but are at risk of losing their homes due to crisis.

 It has been shown that owning and sustaining a home helps families to improve their security and lives of their children. Positive effects include less instability and stress on children. Our hope is for these children to be able to perform better both socially and academically through the benefits of physical and social capital as compared to living in poverty or in a delinquent subculture.


In 2017 MILK launched the MILK-NEW LIFE Support Fund in partnership with New Life Community Services. This is a crisis assistance programme for needy families with children and youths to address the needs of families caused by financial difficulties that may lead these families to spiral in debt and poverty.


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